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new stories…

Its funny how sometimes my brain goes into overload and I end up writing loads of short stories..only to find that some of them end up being a full novel of abut 30000 words!! this happened with Polly Mae back in 2005..The story was originally for a children s page when I worked fro The arab Times in Kuwait back in 1989..I used to write 2 300 word stories every week..its was so much fun writing for a big newspaper and being involved in the day to day goings on of the paper.. The children would also write in and ask for they got an extra kick of seeing their names as the stars of the stories….

Would love to go back to writing short stories..I did a spot for the Dumfires and galloway standard…which was immense fun…


Maybe its time to start something again…. its a new year so…..

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Naughty censors!

Hmm, what a naughty thing to do, censoring our thoughts and views and our wanderings though the web… when will this end…

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