Walking over eggshells. Book review.

03 Jan

Walking over Eggshells by Lucinda ClarkeWalking over Eggshells by Lucinda Clarke by Lucinda E. Clarke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a difficult book to read. Not because it was it was a bad book by any means, but the subject matter was difficult as it’s was so close to my heart… the author takes us on a journey of the utmost emotions, who could not love a child? who could not hug a child? These things went through Lucinda’s mind very often indeed. Her, then husband Jeremy being the positive chaotic job seeking, job losing, husband, traveling from place to place with Jobs, new schools, houses, and countries varied. A very strong and emotional story, and I am so glad I actually met the author and at least give her a huge hug!!!
To find solace and love with her second husband was a wonderful way for the story to end.. but alas, the dreaded “mother” bit back even from beyond the grave causing more upset as usual.

A heart-rending account of a simply awful child and mother relationship!
Well written!!!

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